Bevel Lap White Pine Siding

This is a plain bevel or tapered lap siding made with a white pine graded Select with tight knots. This grade does allow for knots, but the knots should be tight and not fall out. This bevel lap siding has a rough face and is graded on this face. The back side is a skip surfaced face and may be smooth or rough with imperfections. White Pine is a durable wood that is often used outside, but must be primed and painted to hold up to the exterior elements. This siding is not pressure treated.

It is recommended to prime all sides before installation with an exterior grade primer.  Then caulk and paint product after installation with an exterior grade product

Additional Information

1X6 (actual 11/16” thick by 5-1/2” wide)

1X8 (actual 11/16” thick by 7-1/4” wide)

Discount quantity breaks are available for this siding at 150, 300, 600 and 1,000 linear feet tiers.