Yellow Pine Penta-Treated Porch Flooring

This porch flooring has been treated with an EPA registered pesticide containing pentachlorophenol to protect from insect attack and decay. This flooring should only be used in a covered exterior location.

This flooring is available in a C&Better graded Yellow Pine. The flooring has a flat front face and a recessed back. This flooring measures 3/4” thick and is available in a 3-3/16” width face.

Additional Information

Flooring comes 8’, 10’, 12’, and 14’ lengths.  Discount pricing is available on orders of 50  boards or more, any length.  Can also combine with treated lumber to obtain discount pricing.

Tips for the best Penta Flooring installation:
 - Must be a covered porch or covered area,
 - Use exterior grade fasteners,
 - No sub-floor such as plywood should be used,
 - Allow proper acclimation of flooring prior to installing,
 - No installation on wet floor joists,
 - Make sure there is always good air flow under porch and adequate ventilation,
 - Proper slope of the porch for moisture to run away from house,
 - Use exterior grade oil-based primer on all 6 sides of boards before installing,
 - Top coat with an exterior grade oil-based paint.  

Precautions should be taken both when handling the treated wood and in determining where to use and dispose of the treated wood. Please inquire at the counter for a sheet on the site and handling precautions when using this material.

SKU’s: 912 - 915