Doug Fir Timber for Mantels

 Doug fir is well known for its stability, straight grain and strength. Doug fir is a softwood grown in the US and Canada. This wood has a uniform texture and is very stable once dry. Due to the low moisture content of the heartwood, Doug fir dries quickly. Doug fir’s grain is relatively straight, but can have some wave to it. Doug fir is quite strong and often used for structural beams.

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 Construction grade allows for knots and is PAD (partially air-dried) to 19% or below. The larger timbers are sometimes used for beams or mantles.

Stocked sizes:
4x10 (actual 3-1/2” x 9-1/4”) in 6, 8’ and 12’ lengths
4x12 (actual 3-1/2” x 11-1/4”) in 6, 8’ and 12’ lengths

Cedar Timber for Mantels

 Western Red Cedar is a softwood known for its stability, straight grain and durability in exterior climates. This lumber is naturally resistant to rot and decay without any treatment. Western Red Cedar is normally reddish-brown in color. This wood ages to a natural silver-gray color when left unfinished outdoors. Western Red Cedar is very popular to use in exterior projects like decks, garden beds, arbors, fences, shingles, and siding to name just a few.

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 These timbers are often used for interior mantles and exterior support beams. Timbers are air-dried and a construction grade allowing for knots. These timbers are S4S, surfaced on both faces and both edges. This material is sold by the board only.

Stocked sizes:

4x10 (actual 3-1/2” x 9-1/4”) in 6’, 8, and 12’ lengths
4x12 (actual 3-1/2” x 11-1/4”) in 6’, 8, and 12’ lengths

Shelving Brackets

 These brackets are constructed from solid hardwood or pine in our woodshop.  They are thicker than most brackets on the market and made from our hardwood or softwood in stock.  Choose from many sizes and species of wood or have one made for you in a different species of hardwood. 

Classic Brackets for Shelving

 These solid hardwood brackets are made in our Woodshop out of different species of hardwoods.  Choose from brackets already made, or you can have a bracket custom made out of a different species of hardwood for your project.  These brackets can be used for a broad range of projects.


Floating Mantel Box

This is a Mantel box that is quick and easy to install.  It is 4" wide, 8" deep and can run anywhere from 4' to 8' long.  Boxes are made and ordered to the length you need.  Box has eased edges and is finished smooth and ready to be painted and primed.  It can be left simple and modern, or can be dressed up with moulding or wood accents.  This Floating Mantel box can be used as a mantel or shelving.

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