Rustic Collection Interior Siding by UFPEdge

Give an accent wall or project that rustic "reclaimed" wood look with Rustic Collection Interior Siding.  Made by UFP Edge out of new wood.  Lumber has been machined, distressed, primed and painted to give it that rustic old wood style.  Siding has a "nickel-slot" between boards when installed.

Additional Information

Stocking 6' and 8' lengths in the Gray color.  Other colors are available though special order.  Sold 6 boards to a pack.  Actual size of board is 5/8" by 5-1/4".

Gray 6' - Sku# 100531 - 14.25 sqft. per pack
Gray 8' - Sku# 100559 - 19 sqft. per pack

Color Options

UFP-Edge Rustic Collection charcoal color swatch UFP-Edge Rustic Collection gray color swatch

UFP-Edge Rustic Collection red color swatch UFP-Edge Rustic Collection white color swatch

UFP-Edge Rustic Collection dark brown color swatch UFP-Edge Rustic Collection light brown color swatch



Black drop ceiling panels made by Armstrong. in a 2'x2' or 2'x4' size.  It is a Fine Fissured texture in Tech Black. This panel is 5/8" thick and measures 2'x2' or 2'x4'.  Armstrong ceiling panel tiles are ideal for home theaters or anywhere needed to block or reduce sound beyond the area used.

Up to 15% off through our online store.

Additional Information

* Fine Fissured Textured Tech Black
* 5/8" thick and 2'x2' or 2'x4'
* Class A Fire resistant
* Ideal for home theaters, sound blocking, sound reduction


Cedarline Aromatic Cedar Chip Board

This Cedarline board is an Aromatic Cedar chip board. It measures 1/4" thick and comes in 4' by 8' boards.  This board is ideal for lining closets, drawers, chests or anywhere you want extra protection from moths and that nice aromatic cedar scent. Sealing the paneling will remove the natural aromatic cedar scent and is not recommended.

Additional Information

 Available in:


4'x8' sheets - Sku# 117667

2'x4' - packs of 4 - Sku# 117668



Cedarline Aromatic Cedar Veneer Panel

This is a nice aromatic cedar wood veneer panel that measures 1/4" thick and 4' by 8' in size.  Paneling is ideal for lining closets, inside drawers, keepsake chests, and furniture. Aromatic cedar naturally keeps moths away and has a nice aroma. Sealing the paneling will remove the natural aromatic cedar scent and ability to be a moth deterrent.

Additional Information

Available in:

 4' x 8' sheets - Sku# 117669

2'x4' - 4/pack - Sku# 117670

Pinnacle Tackboard

Pinnacle Tackboard is a finely sanded, soft-textured, formaldehyde-free tackboard for interior and protected exterior use.  Its velvet finish is popular with schools, hospitals and museums.  Pinnacle tackboard has the hight pin-retention and durability of the 440 Homasote with a new elegance that requires little or no additional finishing.  Pinnacle tackboard is easy to cut, lightweight and cost effective. 

Additional Information

Available in 4' by 8' pieces and 2'x4' pieces.





Homasote 440

440 SoundBarrier® is a special-density, structural board made from 100 percent environmental Homasote® cellulose fiber, a homogeneous composition manufactured with uniformly distributed protection against termites, rot and fungi and resistance to moisture. Homasote is ideal for a tac board or sound proofing.

Additional Information

Homasote is sold by the 4’x8’ sheet at our Raleigh location. We also provide 4’x4’ and 2’x4’ sheets at our Raleigh location at an upcharge price. Free cross-cut rips are available as needed to assist our customers in transporting materials.