AC Plywood

This is a pine plywood graded with an A face and a C backside, allowing one good paint-grade face which is clean and free of knots. The back side allows for knots and blemishes.

Additional Information

This plywood is available in full 4’ x 8’ sheets. Partial sheets (2’ x 4’ and 4’ x 4’) are available upon request for a small upcharge per sqft.

We have a saw house on site for cross-cut rips needed to get plywood into your vehicle. For a cleaner and more precise cut, plywood can be cut to your project specifications in our woodshop for an additional fee.

Available in stock:

1/4” (7/32) thickness – 3 plys

3/8” (11/32) thickness – 3 plys

1/2” (15/32) thickness – 4 plys

5/8” (19/32) thickness – 4 plys

3/4” (23/32) thickness – 5 plys