Marine Baltic Birch Plywood

This is a marine grade unfinished Baltic Birch whole-piece face veneer plywood. Front face is a B or BB grade that allows for small, matching color oval patches in uniform white, one piece face veneer. Back face is a BB grade for 6mm (1/4") or CP grade for all other thicknesses. Multi-ply ALL BIRCH solid inner plies with no voids. The glue is exterior pholic resin.

Not in the area?  This item in redi-cut sizes and full sheets are now available through our online store.  Please visit   

Prices are different online than in the store due to additional packaging and shipping costs. Discounts available.


Additional Information

This plywood is sold in 4'X8' sheets at the lumber yard and cut down to smaller sizes in our woodshop. Please allow 1/8"+/- variance in size to allow for saw blade cutting on sheets smaller than 4'x8'. Sheets smaller than 4'x8' are cut and stocked periodically. If looking for smaller than 4'x8' sheets, please inquire if in stock.

We have a saw house on site for cross-cut rips needed to get plywood into your vehicle. For a cleaner and more precise cut, plywood can be cut to your project specifications in our woodshop for an additional fee.


1/4” (6mm) thickness – 5 plys - sku# 4612
3/8” (9mm) thickness – 7 plys - sku# 4616
1/2” (12mm) thickness – 9 plys - sku# 4619
3/4” (18mm) thickness – 13 plys - sku# 4628
1" (24mm) thickness- 17 plys - sku# 4629