All hardboard and concrete beaded lap siding has been discontinued by the manufacturers.  There is presently limited supply of smooth and textured beaded lap siding available at distributors and retailers. 

What does this mean to me? 
If you have beaded lap siding on your house, you will not be able to make easy repairs to your siding once this limited supply of siding is gone. 

What should I do? 
I recommend taking a look around your house to see if you have any compromised boards now.  Taking the time to fix a few boards now could save you money and delay having to replace all of your siding in the short term.  It is also recommended to have a licensed and trusted contractor or maintenance man take a look around the house to see if any boards need to be repaired.

The old Masonite hardboard siding tends to have more issues in areas where there is excessive moisture.  Here are some key areas to take a look at on your home:

  • Lowest three or four boards closest to the ground,
  • Board seams, where 2 boards come together,
  • Boards just above windows and garage doors,
  • Boards behind bushes and vegetation where leaves have been touching the house,
  • Boards near a brick chimney or other masonry,
  • Northern side of the house or parts of the house that are excessively shaded.

What are some things I can do in the future to keep my siding in good shape? 

Here are some key areas you can address to keep your siding in good shape going forward:

  • Keep gutters cleaned out and flowing properly (this also helps with mosquito control),
  • Keep bushes, trees and all vegetation a few feet from the house,
  • Make sure windows and garage doors have adequate flashing,
  • Maintain a good seal on your siding boards with keeping your house well primed and painted with a quality exterior product.