ACCOYA Deck Boards

Eco-Friendly Radiata Pine processed through Acetylation or Acetic Anhydride. The cell structure of the pine is changed to prevent absorption of water and increase dimensional stability.

This is high-end  low-maintenance decking for the environmentally conscious consumer.  This decking is designed to be left bare with no maintenance needed AND a 50-year life against rot, shrinking or swelling*!  If you prefer to stain your deck for color a water-based stain with a mildewcide is needed.  We recommend our TWP WS-Series.

This decking offers:
– No visible shrinkage or swelling,
– No Twisting or cupping,
– No need to seal or stain, unless desired,
– 50-Year Warranty against rot and movement*,
– Real Sustainable Wood source with a low carbon footprint,
– Non-toxic, safe for people, pets and the planet.

Accredited by the FSC® and the only construction material in the world to achieve a ‘Cradle to Cradle’ Platinum certification™ for Material Health.  In stock now.


Additional Information

Sold by the piece, Stocked Lengths:

  • 2.4m (7’10” to 8’0″ Long)
  • 3.0m (9’10” to 10’0″ Long)
  • 3.6m (11’9-3/4″ to 12’0″ Long)
  • 4.2m (13’9″ to 14’0″ Long)
  • 4.8m (15’9″ to 16’0″ Long)

Recommended to be left bare with no stain or sealer applied.  Decking will weather to a weathered gray appearance over time.  If staining is preferred, need to use an exterior grade water-based stain/sealer with a mildewcide.

Must use Stainless Steel hardware for this wood.  Also, a Polyurethane glue must be used in an exterior application.

Additional Literature:   Accoya Decking Literature



Accoya Decking Warranty

* 50 Year warranty on all decking structure at least 8″ above grade (ground level or solid structural level).  For all decking structure used at 8″ grade and below, the warranty is reduced to 25 years.