Eastern Red Aromatic Cedar wood veneer panel measures 1/4″ thick.  Comes from the finest eastern and central US eastern cedar trees which contains the best oils for aromatic emissions.  Paneling is ideal for lining closets, inside drawers, keepsake chests, and furniture. Aromatic cedar naturally keeps moths away and has a nice aroma. Sealing the paneling will remove the natural aromatic cedar scent and ability to be a moth deterrent. This board will have knots as is characteristic to aromatic cedar wood which has trees that only grow to a several inches wide with many limbs.

Full 4×8 sheets are available in stock at our location.  We also have a limited selection of partial redi-cut sheets in stock.  All full and partial sheets are available through our online store.  Click the TotalWoodStore link to see our selection available through our online store.

Prices may vary in store and online.


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