Cabreuva (Santos Mahogany) Hardwood S2S is stocked in 4/4 thickness only.  This hardwood comes from South and Central America.   Skip surfaced on both faces, left rough on the edges, and sold by the board foot.  The widths and lengths can vary by board.  Also called Santos Mahogany, this hardwood is ideal for furniture, hardwood floors and trim.


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Additional Information

Our rule of thumb when selling our hardwoods is that we will cross-cut a board and sell only what the customer needs, provided we can return an 8’ length back to stock on domestic hardwoods.  All hardwoods can be dressed down to your project specifications in our woodshop for an additional fee.


Most of the hardwoods we sell are graded Select (or FAS 1-Face).  This means there may be some imperfections that are acceptable for the grade.

Our 4/4 board is typically dressed 13/16” to 7/8” thick depending on species and sold by the board foot.  Should have consistent thickness within species.