Flat Jamb Interior Primed in 4-5/8″ width. This interior flat door jamb is made of finger-jointed white pine.  It measures 5/8″ thick by 4-5/8″ wide.  This is a paint-grade product, ready for primer and paint.  Stocked in 16′ lengths and sold by the linear foot.  Just purchase what your need for your project.  Also sold in 80″ pieces for door sides.

Available through TotalWoodStore.com in 48″ lengths, 3′ door kits and 6′ door kits.

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Additional Information

This product comes in 16′ pieces and is sold by the linear foot.  It is also sold in pre-cut 80″ pieces, designed for 1 door side.  For the linear foot item, provided we can return 8′ back to stock, we will cut the footage you need for your project.