Our Hickory/Pecan hardwood Plywood is a domestic product.  The hickory and pecan species are so similar, they are often both used in making Hickory veneer and plywood.  It has a flat face and is available in 1/4″ and 3/4″ thickness.  Hickory varies in color from pale to a reddish brown with a straight grain and can have quite a bit of variation in color in the same sheet of plywood or board.

Limited amount in stock.  Please contact sales staff for large orders.

Full 4×8 sheets are available in stock at our location.  We also have a limited selection of partial redi-cut sheets in stock.  All full and partial sheets are available through our online store.  Click the TotalWoodStore link to see our selection available through our online store.

Prices may vary in store and online.


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Additional Information


The 1/4” sheet is an A4 grade. Front face is an A grade that is a smooth sanded and patch-free clear face. Back side is a 4 grade that will be of same or similar wood but may have filled knots, veneer joints or seams. This plywood is a stain grade one side.

The 3/4″ sheet is an A1 grade.  Front face is an A grade that is smooth sanded.  The back is similar wood and allowing only a minor blemish and clean enough to be seen.  This plywood is a stain grade on both sides.