Our Industrial Sand products are produced from high purity industrial quartz for a wide variety of applications, such as filler for extender in asphalt sealants, quality paints and coatings, specialty cements, precast concrete, masonry, traction, flooring, play sand, and sports turf. The Medium grade sand is ideal for pool filter sand.

All grades are processed and sized under rigid SPC statistical and quality assurance programs. The result is chemical purity and consistently uniform particle size distributions for predictable performance


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Additional Information

Tier discount pricing is available on pallet and truck quantities. There are 30 bags per pallet.  All grits available in 100 lb bags.  Medium grit is also available in 50 lb bags.

Stocked sizes:

12/25 Medium Grit Sand – Used for tough blasting jobs, heavy rust, thick coating, mastics, tank lining, ships, barges, and concrete.  Minimum nozzle size is 1/4″.

30/45 Fine Grit Sand – Used for general purpose repair and maintenance blasting, general purpose paint and rust removal, structural steel, and mill scale.  Minimum nozzle size is 3/16″.

40/55 Extra Fine Grit Sand – Used for light sand blasting and areas needing a more finishing touch.  Extra fine grit sand blasting allows for a smoother surface.  Minimum nozzle size is 1/8″.


Sand blasting with this product can create a nuisance dust in use and should be used only in conjunction with apparatus approved and maintained to OSHA standards and applicable regulations.