Due to the strength and hardness of Ipe, a thinner decking can be used for 16″ on center joist spacing.  Also used for outdoor furniture, arbors and other outdoor living projects.  Ipe 1×6 decking actual size is 3/4″ x 5-1/2″ with an eased edge.

Ipe hardwood comes from South America. Ipe is a very strong, dense and heavy wood. This exotic hardwood has a golden brown to dark brownish red color. This wood is ideal for decks and outside projects as it is highly resistant to decay and termites. Due to its beautiful color, it is often used interior as well as exterior. This wood is not as easy to stain, saw and nail due to its density. Also, it is recommended to use Anchorseal® on the exposed ends to prevent ends from checking during drying when used for exterior applications. Anchorseal® is available in our hardware store. We also have 3/8” wood plugs available in Ipe.


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Additional Information

The 1×6 decking is surfaced on all four sides and eased edged.  Actual size is 3/4″ x 5-1/2″.   Stocked in random lengths from 8′ to 16′ and sold by the linear foot.  This decking is NOT recommended to be installed diagonally on joists.  Please use 5/4 x 6 Ipe decking for diagonal installation.

Improve the Life of your Deck – 

Whether you are replacing a few boards, re-topping your existing structure or building a brand new deck, there are steps you should take to improve the life of your deck.

  1. Seal Cut Ends – Where ever you cut your decking boards, be sure to coat the cut ends with AnchorSeal.  AnchorSeal is a hybrid wax emulsion sealer that prevents end checking and cracking of boards.  We stock AnchorSeal in quarts and gallons.
  2. Install Deck Flashing – Adding deck board flashing between the joists and deck boards can add years to the life of your deck.  During rainy seasons, moisture can build up between the deck boards and the joists, causing a below ground environment.  This excess moisture can lead to rot on joists and the bottom of the decking board.  By adding a moisture barrier flashing, excess moisture is eliminated, allowing the boards to dry out quicker.  We carry Deck Flash Barrier in a self-adhesive 3″x 75′ or 3″x 25′ roll in stock.
  3. Add 1/8″ Space Between boards – When using KDAT decking boards, it is always important to add a small space between the boards.  The re-dried boards have already gone through a shrinking process in the kiln and need room to expand during a wet season.  By providing a small 1/8″ space or the space of a framing or 16 penny nail between boards, you will provide the space the board needs.
  4.  Give deck Ventilation – Decks need plenty of ventilation.  It is recommended to have the joists at least 18″ off the ground and not close in decks underneath.  Adding a nice open lattice under a deck skirt can provide beauty, privacy and ventilation.
  5. Use heavy Duty Corrosion Resistant Screws – Always use a deck fastener designed for exterior environment.  It is recommended to use a heavy duty corrosion resistant screw or stainless steel on decking boards and joists.  It is also recommended to use metal connectors on the joists boards and deck bands through-out the structure to add more support.  We have several deck fastening products ideal for your deck in stock.