Mahogany Hardwood TRIM Pyramid post cap protects and finishes your posts with the natural look of wood. Accented on the bottom with an elegant trim to give the New England Style. Available in 4×4 and 6×6.

These post caps are miterless, solid mahogany, to prevent cracks and splitting at the seams. This will allow your post cap to protect and enhance your post for years to come.

Attach by applying exterior caulk to the under-side of the post cap before placing it on the post or use finish nails.

 It is recommended to apply an exterior grade sealer to ALL wood parts (top, bottom, inside and sides) of the cap BEFORE installation.  Applying and maintaining a sealer on the caps will help minimize any weathering or cracking over time and give you a much longer life of your cap.


Additional Information

SKU: 999 Regular (4×4) True Dimension L:5-1/4″ W:5-1/4″ H:2″ Inside Dimension L:3-5/8″ W”3-5/8″ H:1/2″

SKU: 1000 Regular (6×6) True Dimension L:7-1/2″ W:7-1/2″ H:2″ Inside Dimension L:5-3/4″ W”5-3/4″ H:1/4″