Screen Tight 5-Bar 1″ thick screen door in natural wood.  Bar design matches porch balusters and provides greater screen protection on bottom of door. Great choice for an attractive and economical screen door.

  • Finger-jointed wood, ready to prime and paint
  • 36″ wide, 80″ tall and 1″ thick
  • Mortise and tenon construction to prevent sagging or warping
  • Charcoal Fiberglass screen installed with 0.155 inch spline
  • Spline and screen can be easily removed for painting and screen repairs
  • Reversible for right or left-handed use
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Additional Information

Charcoal fiberglass screen can be removed for easy repairs.  Wood frame allows for trimming up to 3/8″ on top and sides and up to 1″ off bottom.  This door is not treated.   We recommend coating it with Q8 log oil or Woodlife Wood preservative (sold separately here) before priming and painting with exterior grade products to increase the life of the door.

Hardware for doors are sold separately.