ZAR® Interior Oil-Based Wood Stain.  This highly pigmented oil base stain is formulated to achieve a rich luxurious color in one coat.  This stain is ideal for hard to stain woods and pre-fini8shed surfaces.  Can also be used like a gel stain on fiberglass doors.

  • * Easy to apply with a cloth
  • * Evenly penetrates
  • * Uniform appearance
  • * Apply to cabinets, furniture, hardwood floors, paneling, and woodwork
  • * Apply to doors made of fiberglass, steel, or composite
  • * Dries quickly
  • * Offered in a wide variety of colors
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Additional Information

Remove lacquer or shellac before staining.  Covers approximately 3200 square feet per gallon depending on wood surface conditions, weather, and method used to apply stain.  Recommended one coat application.  Average, three hour dry time, depend on weather conditions.  Clean up with mineral spirits or paint thinner.