This is a wood 1 lite glass storm door made out of African Mahogany. African Mahogany hardwood is more structurally stable than pine.  Mahogany doors are ideal if the door will be stained instead of painted or if there is little overhang to protect door from weather.  For extremely harsh weather areas, it is recommended to use a Mahogany door finished with exterior grade primer and paint.

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Additional Information

Prior to Installation:  It is recommended to lay door flat and acclimate door inside garage or house where the door will be installed for a few days prior to installation.  Please do not lay door directly on the ground, keep elevated. Doors must be stored in a dry low humidity area.  To provide the best life of the door or if you will be staining the door, it is recommended to apply a few coats of the clear Woodlife Classic Wood Preservative BEFORE priming, staining or sealing the door.  Woodlife classic must be put directly on the raw wood. (Product sold separately through Total Wood Store.)  Seal or prime and paint ALL edges within 48 hours after door has been fitted.  Top and bottom edge of door should be sealed before installation.  It is recommended to prime and paint or stain with an exterior grade product.


Please allow an extra 4-5 weeks for delivery of 7′ tall doors.