Courtesy Lumber Rough Cuts

Take it Home Today

We’ve all been there – you find that perfect piece of wood, but it won’t fit in your vehicle! With our complimentary rough cuts, we’ll do our best to make sure that you can take your wooden slab home the same day!

If you need material cut down to fit in your vehicle, just let us know before you leave the lumber yard!! Our on-site woodcutting experts should be able to help you with most lumber, plywood, trim, moldings, paneling, and sidings.

We offer 2 courtesy rough cuts per item at the Saw House. Please allow up to a 1/4″ variance on cuts.  Additional cuts will be $0.50 per cut. A lead time may be required for additional cuts.

Please note that there are certain materials on which we will not provide rough cuts. For example, we are unable to do a courtesy cut on any 5×5 plywood, railroad ties, lattice panels, or fire-retardant materials. If you have questions about which products are eligible, stop by the Saw House at Capitol City Lumber Yard. Our staff will be able to help you determine whether you can take your new piece home today, or if we’ll need to provide local delivery services for your new materials.