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Beaded Lap Siding Discontinued

All hardboard and concrete beaded lap siding has been discontinued by the manufacturers.  There is presently limited supply of smooth and textured beaded lap siding available at distributors and retailers.  What does this mean to me? If you have beaded lap siding on your house, you will not be able to make easy repairs to your […]

Get more life from your wooden shutters!

For Wooden Shutters in harsher climates or to just add more years to your shutter’s life, there are a few easy and economical things you can do. Protecting the Wood: Wooden shutters should always be primed and painted on all sides with an exterior grade product prior to installing. But before you prime and paint, […]

Yes, we’re here for you during the COVID19 Shelter-In-Place.

As a building material and hardware store, we are considered ESSENTIAL for our community. We will continue to remain open our regular business hours to serve the community. If you have flu or COVID19 symptoms, please refrain from shopping here at this time.  Instead, please contact us at 919-832-6492, option 4, regarding delivery service. Along […]

All Treated Lumber is Ground Contact

ALL Treated wood is NOW Ground Contact!           Pressure-treated wood is softwood lumber, typically southern yellow pine, that’s been chemically treated to resist rot, decay and termites. Lumber treated to “Ground Contact” has a high chemical retention level and can be placed directly on or in the ground with better protection against rot or decay.         […]

LIVE EDGE Hardwoods!

We have “Live Edge” hardwoods in stock.  Choose from a nice selection of several different species.  These boards leave the natural edges of the tree on the board.  Most are full Boule’s with Live Edge on both sides of the board.  Thicknesses range from 4/4 to 8/4 depending on the species.  Some species will have […]

All New Realtec Hardwood Veneers!

Amazing beautiful veneers with lots of figures and sheen.  These new arrival veneers are a must see in person as the camera doesn’t do it justice.  Available in full 4’x8′ sheets and partial sheets as small as 2’x2′.  Veneer is unfinished and has a paper backer, ready to be installed.  Ideal for furniture, cabinets, walls […]

New line of Decorative Outdoor Hardware

Check out our new line of Simpson Strong-Tie Outdoor Accents decorative hardware.  Build beautiful outdoor structures combining Outdoor Accents hardware with our Western Red Cedar or kiln-dried Yellow Pine lumber.  This easy-to-install hardware provides beauty and strength with it’s black powder coated finish.  Ideal for 2x, 4x or 6x lumber.  Full line of decorative hardware […]

Frank Mansfield

We celebrate the life of Frank Mansfield, our friend and customer for over 30 years.  Frank’s toys brought awe to children of all ages with their whimsical nature.  He was a World War II Marine Sergeant with honors, 20 years as Scout Master of Troop 10 (Silver Beard Award), and an avid woodworker.  We are pleased […]

How HOT do decks get?

With summer around the corner and deck season beginning, customers often ask us, “how much hotter is composite decking than treated wood?”  We also get asked, “if I go with a darker wood stain, will it be a lot hotter on the deck?”  These are all very good questions. The more pigment that’s in the […]

What is the best stain for my deck?

We are often asked at the counter, “What is the best stain for my deck?”  This question has different answers depending on the age of your deck, how much wood grain you want to show, the sun UV exposure of your deck and how often you prefer to re-stain the deck. The UV rays from […]

What is the best wood to use outdoors?

Often times we are asked, “What is the best wood to use outdoors?”  There are several options available.  Some woods are naturally resistant to the weather and others are treated to hold up to the weather. For starters, the most common wood used outdoors in our area is treated yellow pine.  This is primarily due […]


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