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How to Improve the Life of your Deck

We recommend using above-ground kiln-dried treated decking boards.  These boards will be more structurally stable and have less checking and cracking over time.  Whether you are replacing a few boards, re-topping your existing structure or building a brand new deck, there are steps you should take to improve the life of your deck.   Seal Cut […]

How HOT do decks get?

With summer around the corner and deck season beginning, customers often ask us, “how much hotter is composite decking than treated wood?”  We also get asked, “if I go with a darker wood stain, will it be a lot hotter on the deck?”  These are all very good questions. The more pigment that’s in the […]

What is the best stain for my deck?

We are often asked at the counter, “What is the best stain for my deck?”  This question has different answers depending on the age of your deck, how much wood grain you want to show, the sun UV exposure of your deck and how often you prefer to re-stain the deck. The UV rays from […]

What is the best wood to use outdoors?

Often times we are asked, “What is the best wood to use outdoors?”  There are several options available.  Some woods are naturally resistant to the weather and others are treated to hold up to the weather. For starters, the most common wood used outdoors in our area is treated yellow pine.  This is primarily due […]


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