• Colonial Turned Hollow Posts, YPT

    These are laminated turned columns made by Culpepper Wood Preserves® from high grade pressure treated lumber.  Made from eco-friendly Southern Yellow Pine.   Square on both ends and turned with a colonial style in the middle.  These laminated columns by Culpepper Wood Preserves® are less likely to warp or check (crack) than traditional solid timbers.  Since […]

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  • Sale!

    Commercial Utility Poles

    Our Commercial Utility poles, by Culpepper Wood Preserves ® are industrial strength and treated. Utility poles are manufactured with a 0.8 CCA treatment.  Great protection against termites and fungi while keeping the wood attractive, clean, odorless, non-staining and safe to handle when used as recommended. The fixation which occurs during the treating process makes the […]

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  • Laminated Hollow YPT Timber Columns

    These are laminated timber columns made from high-grade pressure-treated lumber with a below-ground treatment retention level.  These laminated timber columns are lighter, easier to handle, and less likely to twist than traditional solid columns.  Since they are made with very high-grade re-dried lumber, they have a very nice appearance that is ready to paint or […]

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  • Piling Poles

    Our piling poles, by Culpepper Wood Preserves ® are industrial strength and treated.  Pilings are round poles that come 10′ to 18′ in length with an 8″ butt.  Pilings are manufactured with a 2.5 CCA-C treatment, one of the highest treatments which protects wood even if submersed in salt water.  This treatment also gives ultimate […]

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