Our Utility poles, by Cox ® are industrial strength and treated. Utility poles are manufactured with CCA-C treatment to give ultimate protection against termites and fungi while keeping the wood attractive, clean, odorless, non-staining and safe to handle when used as recommended. The fixation which occurs during the treating process makes the utility poles safe for the environment. Once the CCA treatment is fixed in the wood cells, it is highly leach-resistant. The posts are naturally grown Southern Yellow Pine with the bulk of the sapwood intact, providing for proper preservation, penetration, and long life.

Additional Information

Poles and pilings taper 1” per 10’ length section. Utility poles are available from 20’ to 75’ lengths. The Utility poles all have a 6” tip and very in bases depending on the length of the utility pole. Pilings are a grade nicer than utility poles and start at 10’ lengths and also go to 75’ lengths.

In Stocked sizes, sold individually:

20’ Utility Pole – 6” tip and an 8” base
25’ Utility Pole – 6” tip and an 8-1/2” base
30’ Utility Pole – 6” tip and an 9” base

Special order Sizes available:

35’ – 75’ Utility Poles
10’ – 75’ Piling Poles

Please inquire at store about pricing and availability on sizes other than our standard stock size.