Accoya Porch Flooring for covered porches.

Eco-Friendly 1×4 Radiata Pine is processed through Acetylation or Acetic Anhydride. The cell structure of the pine changes to prevent absorption of water and increase dimensional stability.  This is a great alternative to penta treated porch flooring.

A high quality, low-maintenance real wood porch flooring for the environmentally conscious consumer.  This porch flooring is extremely stable with  little maintenance needed AND a 25-year warranty.  If you prefer to stain your porch flooring a water-based stain with a mildewcide is needed.  We recommend our TWP WS-Series.

This flooring offers:
– Highly Stable and highly durable,
– Natural wood,
– Barefoot friendly,
– 25-Year Warranty against rot and movement*,
– Low environmental Impact and sustainably sourced,
– Non-toxic, safe for people, pets and the planet.

Accredited by the FSC® and the only construction material in the world to achieve a ‘Cradle to Cradle’ Platinum certification™ for Material Health.  In stock now.

What is Accoya Wood Video

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Additional Information


  • 3/4″ thick
  • 3-1/4″ face width

Accoya Porch Flooring can be painted, stained or sealed with a clear top-coat to weather to a natural gray.  If staining is preferred, need to use an exterior grade water-based stain/sealer with a mildewcide or fungicide.

Guidelines on installation:

  • Must use Stainless Steel hardware.
  • If using against treated lumber, will need to apply a plastic barrier between Accoya and the treated lumber to eliminate the woods from touching.  A self-adhesive deck wrap works nicely.
  • Make a 1/4″ spacing at all hard adjacent surfaces in preparation of any expansion.
  • Coat all 6 sides before installation.
  • Allow proper porch ventilation to improve appearance and reduce possible swelling (recommended but not required). Openings in skirting should be 1/3 of area and the joists should be 8″ above grading.
  • Airflow Requirements: openings in skirting should be 1/3 of area.  Grade to bottom of joists should be greater than 8″.
  • Use a high quality exterior-grade sealer, stain or primer with a PH level of 9 or below.

Additional Literature:   Accoya Decking Literature


Accoya Decking Warranty

* 50 Year warranty on all decking and flooring structure at least 8″ above grade (above ground level or above solid structural level).  For all decking and porch structures at ground level up to 8″ above grade, the warranty is reduced to 25 years.