This is a plain cedar bevel siding or tapered lap siding made with a Western Red Cedar graded Select with tight knots. Western Red Cedar bevel siding is commonly used in outdoor projects as it is easy to install, resistant to rot, and looks beautiful. Cedar bevel siding is perfect for homes, cottages, and cabins that want a rustic and charming feel. 

Bevel siding is created by sawing lumber at an angle. The end result is two triangular pieces of lumber that are each thicker on one side and thinner on the other. This woodcut style creates one smooth face and one rough one for each panel. This type of lumber cut makes use of lumber more efficiently than solid clapboards as you should get two beveled siding pieces from one single clapboard. For information about the thickness, width, and length of our cedar bevel siding, scroll down to view additional information.

When cedar bevel siding is applied it is lapped to cover the joint between each piece. This lay pattern protects the joints from wear and weather. If you wish to maintain the vibrant warm tone of Western Red Cedar, we recommend that you stain or paint your cedar bevel siding. 

Full Stocking dealer of Western Red Cedar Bevel Siding up to 16′ lengths at our Raleigh lumber yard. Not in the Raleigh area? Purchase our cedar bevel siding lengths up to 8′ long online at the Total Wood Store.

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Additional Information

Cedar Bevel Siding Size

Sold by the linear foot and available up to 16′ lengths. 

Siding is an actual 21/32″ thickness at the end butt for the 6″ and 8″ widths and 11/16″ thickness at the end butt for the 10″ width.  It tapers to  3/16″ – 1/4″ width at the tapered end.

This grade does allow for knots, but the knots should be tight and not fall out. This bevel lap siding is made out of S1S2E, surfaced on one face and both edges and left rough on one face. It is graded for the rough face. The back side is smoother, but may have imperfections from milling. Western Red Cedar holds up very well to the exterior elements. It will hold up best if stained or painted, but can be left alone to naturally weather to a weathered-gray color.

Discounts and Availability

Tier Discount quantity breaks start at 150 linear feet for in-store and local delivery purchases.

This item is now available through our online store, in 6′ and 8′ lengths.  Prices may differ online than in-store.

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