Our cedar Channel Rustic Siding is made with Western Red Cedar in a Select grade with tight knots. This grade does allow for knots, but the knots should be tight and not fall out.

This Channel Rustic cedar siding is reversible with a rough face on one side that creates a board and batten look. The other side is a smooth face with a center and edge “V”. It traditionally has a 1/2″ overlap and a 1″ – 1 1/4″ reveal, or divot. This creates the “channel” aspect between the lap siding boards. It’s often installed in vertical applications, but horizontal applications can give a new fresh look.

For information about the thickness, width, and length of our Channel Rustic Siding, scroll down to view additional information.

Channel Rustic Siding offers excellent weather protection and breathability. Western Red Cedar also holds up well to the elements which makes it a durable choice for outdoor lap siding.

Western Red Cedar has a reddish-pink to light pink color. It will hold up best if stained or painted but can be left alone to naturally weather to a weathered-gray color. If you wish for your Channel Rustic Siding to retain its natural, warm tone, you should stain the cedar lumber.

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Additional Information

Channel Rustic Siding Size

Channel Rustic Siding is sold by the linear foot and comes up to 16′ long.  Available in 2 different size’s: 1×8 and 1×10. There is an approx. 1″ smooth channel between boards on the rough side when installed.

1X8 Channel Rustic Cedar Lap Siding

  • actual 3/4” thick by 7-1/8” wide
  • 6-3/8” exposure width

1X10 Channel Rustic Cedar Lap Siding

  • actual 3/4” thick by 9-1/8” wide
  • 8-3/8” exposure width

Discounts & Availability

Discount quantity breaks are available for this siding at 150, 300, 600, and 1,000 linear feet tiers.

This item is available to all of our USA-based customers through our online store. To purchase our Cedar Channel Rustic Siding online visit TotalWoodStore.com. Discount pricing through the Total Wood Store is based on the total order amount.

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