Cedar Perfection Blue Label Shingles are made from Western Red Cedar that are 18” in length and vary in width from 3” to 8”.  Blue label shingles are a #1 grade. This shingle is a clear heartwood with 100% edge grain and no defects for the first 10 inches from the butt.  The blue label shingles are recommended for exterior or interior walls and roofing.

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Additional Information

These Western Red Cedar shingles are 18” in length and vary in width from 3” to 8”.  Sold by the contractor bundle in stock.  Construction bundle covers 25 sqft.  Need 4 construction bundles per square at a 5-1/2″ exposure.  Recommend a 5-1/2″ exposure when using as roofing and 7-1/2″ exposure when installing vertically for siding.

Sold through our TotalWoodStore online in contractor bundle and smaller hobby bundle.