LP SmartSide Textured Strand Lap Siding is a strand board lap siding that comes with a 50-year pro-rated limited warranty. This engineered wood lap siding is made to look like gorgeous wood grain. This textured siding product has more flexibility, is lighter, and is far less likely to break or crack than fiber cement.

The LP SmartSide Textured Lap Siding has a nice wood texture and no bead. The boards are sold in 16’ lengths for fewer seams and faster installation. Along with new construction, this product is often sought out to make repairs to homes that had the original Masonite ® siding.

Full-stocking lap siding dealer of LP SmartSide Textured Lap Siding up to 16′ lengths at our Raleigh lumber yard. 

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LP SmartSide Textured Lap Siding Product Info

Textured siding boards are sold individually. Siding boards can be cross-cut at our saw house to assist with loading them into your vehicle. If you visit us at the Capitol City Lumber Company lumber yard in Raleigh, please inquire at the counter for discount pricing on bulk orders of smooth siding products.

Still have questions about our lap siding products? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We’re always happy to help you get the job done!

Hardboard Dimensions

  • Thickness:  7/16″ Fiber board (discontinued with limited stock)
  • Thickness:  3/8″ Strand board
  • Length: 16′

Width Exposure
Stocked in:
8”                         7”

Special Orders:
12″                      11″
(Special orders available in packs of 6)

LP SmartSide Siding Product Catalog Guide