White Oak wood Veneer with a Plain Sliced cut.  White Oak, with it’s open straight grain, is one of  the more versatile and easier hardwoods to stain and apply.  This is a domestic species that grows in the US and Canada.  It is often used for furniture, cabinet making, trim, and boat building.  Ready to be applied to any project.  This veneer comes unfinished in 10 mil paper backer, 3M Peel and Stick (PSA) backer and a Wood on Wood backer (WOW).  Sold in a variety of sheet sizes.

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Additional Information

Sold with the following backers:
* 10 Mil. Paper
* 3M Peel & Stick (PSA)
* Wood on Wood (WOW)

Sold in sheets of:
24″ x 24″
24″ x 48″
24″ x 96″
48″ x 96″