Marine grade unfinished Okoume plywood. Marine grade plywood has solid plys with no voids and a pholic exterior glue. This plywood is not treated.

Full 4×8 sheets are available in stock at our location in 1/2″ and 3/4″.  We also have a limited selection of partial redi-cut 2’x4′ sheets in stock.  All full and partial sheets are available through our online store.  Click the TotalWoodStore link to see our selection available through our online store.

Prices may vary in store and online.

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Additional Information

Grade of Plywood:

Good on both sides with an A grade front that is a smooth sanded.  There can be an occasional same wood patch. The back side is a B grade that is also smooth sanded and does allow for a blemish as well as same wood patch.

For a patch-free face, please see our Hechthout® Okoume Marine Plywood.