This door is constructed with clear white pine and dip-coated treatment to protect against rot and decay.  Very nicely constructed Paul Argoe door.  Made in the U.S.A.  This door has additional ½” hardware cloth on the bottom section to give the bottom of the door extra protection. Perfect for households with pets and small children.

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Additional Information

Top and bottom edge of door should be sealed before installation.  It is recommended to prime and paint or stain with an exterior grade product.   This door comes in 2/8 and 3/0 widths.  Other widths can be special ordered.

Door Profile:
stiles                         3-5/8″
top rail                      3-5/8″
center rails               3-3/4″
bottom rail                7-1/4″
finished thickness   1-1/8″

Hardware for door is sold separately.