Pippy Oak Hardwood Live Edge Slabs from France region.  The pips in this hardwood are small tight knots, characteristic of cat’s paws on the wood.   The unique markings of each board shows more character than in other oaks.

Each of our Live Edge boule slabs are unique in shape, character and size.  This is a through the log slice that can contain bark on the edges.  This hardwood is stocked in 4/4 thickness and sold by the piece  The widths and lengths can vary by board.  With this cut, there are often times water marks left on both or one side of the board.  These water marks can be left for character or sanded / planed out to show the beauty of the Pippy Oak grain.

We do not ship live edge due to the uniqueness of each slab.  Customer needs to be able to see and pick their slab(s).


Additional Information

This product is sold and priced by the piece.  While supplies last!  We will continue to get in new boards, but the widths and lengths can vary.

All of the Live Edge slabs can be cross-cut to sell only what the customer needs, provided we can return 3′ length back to stock.  All hardwoods can be dressed down to your project specifications in our woodshop for an additional fee.