SELECT KDAT Re-dried YPT Culpeper EE Decking 5/4×6 measures 5/4×6 (actual 1” x 5-1/2”) and comes in 8’, 10’, 12’, 14′, 16’ and 20′ lengths.  Select grade and re-dried after treatment.  For Decking grading through Culpeper, the Select grade is a step up from Premium decking with clearer boards.  May have occasional small knots and wane.  Select decking has tighter growth rings causing it to be denser and stronger for added stability to your deck structure.  This decking is BELOW-GROUND contact meaning it has a stronger treatment, providing a longer life to your deck.

Yellow Pine Treated is known for being an economical choice that holds up very well to the exterior elements. Yellow pine treated boards are ideal for exterior projects like playground equipment, decking, fencing, exterior furniture and rose arbors to name just a few. Our treated boards come from Culpepper Wood Preservers and are treated with Wolman® disbursed copper azole with BARamine. This is a non-arsenic treatment that protects against both termites and fungal decay. The disbursed copper azole treatment with BARamine is not as corrosive to hardware, but a coated or hot-dipped galvanized hardware is recommended for exterior use. This wood has an initial greenish tent, but will age to a honey brown color which can last for an extended period before slowly fading to gray.  See below for steps on making your deck last.

Some boards have been set aside and put on CLEARANCE.  There is a LIMITED SUPPLY of these older boards priced at 60% OFF our Retail Price.

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Additional Information

Improve the Life of your Deck – 

Whether you are replacing a few boards, re-topping your existing structure or building a brand new deck, there are steps you should take to improve the life of your deck.

  1. Seal Cut Ends – Where ever you cut your treated decking boards or treated lumber, be sure to coat the cut ends with a below ground wood preservative, ideally a 2% Copper Naphthenate treatment.  In today’s treated lumber market, boards aren’t treated all the way through the board.  Exposing the inside of the board can sometimes cause rot from the inside out.  At our store, we sell WOODLIFE® CopperCoat and Q8 Wood Preservative.  Just apply the end of any cut area with a paint or sponge brush.  Both preservatives are sold in gallons and quarts.
  2. Install Deck Flashing – Adding deck board flashing between the joists and deck boards can add years to the life of your deck.  During rainy seasons, moisture can build up between the deck boards and the joists, causing a harsher environment.  This excess moisture can lead to rot on joists and the bottom of the decking board.  By adding a moisture barrier flashing, excess moisture is eliminated, allowing the boards to dry out quicker.  We carry Deck Flash Barrier and Deck Wrap PowerBond brands in self-adhesive 75′ length rolls in stock.
  3. Add 1/8″ Space Between boards – When using KDAT decking boards, it is always important to add a small space between the boards.  The re-dried boards have already gone through a shrinking process in the kiln and need room to expand during a wet season.  By providing a small 1/8″ space or the space of a framing or 16 penny nail between boards, you will provide the space the boards need.
  4.  Give deck Ventilation – Decks need plenty of ventilation.  It is recommended to have the joists at least 18″ off the ground and not close in decks underneath.  Adding a nice open lattice under a deck skirt can provide beauty, privacy and ventilation.
  5. Use heavy Duty Corrosion Resistant Screws – Always use a deck fastener designed for exterior environment.  It is recommended to use a heavy duty corrosion resistant screw on decking boards and joists.  It is also recommended to use metal connectors on the joists boards and deck bands through-out the structure to add more support.  We have several deck fastening products ideal for your deck in stock.
  6. Warranty –   Please see our Lifewood Decking Warranty

Grade of decking boards:

The Premium re-dried decking are for customers wanting the very best.  The Premium grade is typically free of knots or an occasional pin knot on one face with occasional small knots on the other face and sometimes edges.

These boards are eased edged for rounded edges and are ideal for decking and fencing. Our Decking boards are above-ground treated, meant to be used above ground and has less treatment than a ground contact boards.


Why use KDAT Re-dried boards?

These boards are re-dried after being treated, KDAT – Kiln Dried After Treatment. This step to re-dry the boards after treatment:

  • Helps reduce cupping, twisting and warping by allowing the boards to dry and ultimately shrink in a controlled environment
  • No delay before staining or coating as the wood can be painted or coated immediately without waiting since it is already dry.
  • Greater nail and fastener holding power as the dry treated process allows the boards to hold tighter and stay tighter.
  • Cleaner and lighter in weight since the drying process eliminates the moisture thus reducing the weight of the boards, making them lighter and easier to handle.
  • Environmentally sound as the re-drying assures immediate and maximum preservation fixation within the wood, providing a safer, cleaner and environmentally sound product.



We provide discounted tier pricing on all treated lumber orders starting at 50+ boards. This is a family pack, meaning the treated boards can be of various sizes and lengths to qualify for this discounted pricing.