This plywood is Culpepper Wood Preserves Durapine treated with disbursed copper azole, an exterior premium non-arsenic based effective treatment against termites and fungal decay. The plywood is then kiln-dried back down to a 19% or below moisture content. This provides more stability and allows the plywood to be painted or stained immediately, without waiting. This plywood is graded CC, a utility grade on both sides with exterior glue. This is a sheathing grade, not an appearance grade plywood, and allows for knots and blemishes on both faces.

This plywood is sold in full 4×8 sheets only.

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Available in stock:

1/2” (15/32) thickness, 4 plys – 60 sheets/unit

3/4” (23/32) thickness , 5 plys – 40 sheets/unit