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Innovative Poly-Ash Technology Siding made to hold up to harsher climates and moisture prone areas.  Made with fly-ash, a by product recovered from coal combustion.  The fly-ash is combined with polymers to become a durable siding.  This siding is a good replacement for the discontinued hardboard 9″ smooth beaded lap siding.


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Additional Information

This lap siding is smooth beaded and measures:   7/16″ thick x 9″ wide x 16′ length.

Benefits of using this siding:

  • * Great for moisture prone areas, ground contact or contact with masonry;
  • * 70% recycled materials used in manufacturing siding;
  • * Resists rot and decay;
  • * Inorganic material that offers no food source to carpenter ants, termites, carpenter bees;
  • * Dimensionally stable and promotes better paint retention than wood, even with dark colors;
  • * No need to pre-drill holes and can be fastened close to the edge.


Recommended to use a separate primer and paint that is exterior grade.  Can use a traditional exterior-grade caulk or exterior grade wood fillers for filling nail holes.  Any common high-quality exterior grade fastener can be used.  20-Year limited warranty against cracking, warping or sustaining damage from bugs or water.