IPE Decking

Ipe hardwood comes from South America. Ipe is a very strong, dense and heavy wood. This exotic hardwood has a golden brown to dark brownish red color. This wood is ideal for decks and outside projects as it is highly resistant to decay and termites. Due to its beautiful color, it is often used interior as well as exterior.

Additional Information

These decking boards are eased edge. Decking boards come in random lengths. Please inquire at counter regarding lengths available.

Stocked sizes:
1x6 (actual 3/4” x 5-1/2”) in random lengths
5/4x6 (actual 1” x 5-1/2”) in random lengths

This wood is not as easy to stain, saw and nail due to its density. It is recommended to use Anchorseal ® on the exposed ends to prevent ends from checking during drying when used exterior.

Although this is a very dense wood, it can rot over time, especially in certain conditions. The slotted decking boards are more likely to trap moisture in slotted areas on boards which could lead to rot over time, especially when used in very shaded areas or on the northern side of houses where the boards have longer periods of dampness. It is recommended to seal top, bottom, edges and slots before installation – using one of the accepted deck sealers for hardwood decks such as Cabot’s Australian Timber Oil, or others. While sealing / staining after installation is a good idea for the top and edges, it may not do much to protect the grooves. It is recommended to restain / seal your deck every 18 to 24 months with an exterior grade product for hardwoods.

We also have 3/8” wood plugs available in Ipe.