6-LITE Mahogany Storm Door has 6 glass windows in storm door made out of beautiful African Mahogany hardwood.  African Mahogany wood is denser and more structurally stable than pine.  The Mahogany doors are ideal if the door will be stained instead of painted or if there is little overhang to protect door from weather. Please see installation guidelines below.

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Additional Information

PLEASE NOTE:  DO NOT stain this door with a very dark color or black.  Staining with a very dark color or black color will VOID the warranty and may damage the door.   Please always use a high quality exterior grade stain.  If painting, please use a high quality separate exterior grade primer and exterior grade paint.  Painting door with an interior product or combined primer and paint product will void the warranty.

The 7′ tall doors can be special ordered in.  Please allow more time as the these are not stocked at our location.

Top and bottom edge of door should be sealed before installation.  It is recommended to stain or prime and paint door with an exterior grade product.

For added protection, apply Woodlife Classic Wood Preservative (sold separately) to the raw wood before staining or priming door.