Whether you are replacing a few boards, re-topping your existing structure or building a brand new deck, adding Deck Wrap Flashing will greatly improve the  life of your deck.  Adding deck flashing between the joists and deck boards can add years to the life of your deck.  During rainy seasons, moisture can build up between the deck boards and the joists, causing a below ground environment.  This excess moisture can lead to premature rot on joists and the bottom of decking boards.  By adding a moisture barrier flashing, excess moisture is eliminated, allowing the boards to dry out quicker.  Protect your investment with Deck Wrap Flashing.

This protective wrap can self-seal around staples, screws, or nails to create a barrier to protect wood from moisture.  Available in 3″ or 6″ wide by 25′ long roll.  The 3″ are ideal along joists before adding decking top board.  The 6″ wide provides more protection between wood and metal hangers and brackets.  Cut to your specific length.


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