ACRE Porch Boards in 3″ reveal face locking tongue-and-groove profile. ACRE is made from unused natural rice hulls. 100% recyclable, low-maintenance and appears like real wood. ACRE Porch boards can be stained, painted or left natural with a appropriate clear sealant. Sold by the linear foot in 10′, 12′ and 16′ lengths.  This is a special order item, please allow 2-4 business days to arrive after ordering.

Price: $3.89

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Additional Information

  • Porch board Actual dimension size:  15/16″ thick x 3-5/16″ wide, including tongue.
  • Porch boards have a full 3″ wide face when installed.
  • Sanded smooth with a micro-bevel on one side and square edge on other side.
  • Ideal to stain, paint or clear coat boards prior to installation.
  • Be sure to have adequate unobstructed airflow under 50% of porch perimeter for cross-ventilation.


Please read the following for porch board installation guidelines:
Acre Porch Flooring Product Information Guide

Please read the following for proper guidelines on finishing porch boards:
Acre Recommended Coating and Finishing Guidelines

Acre material has a Lifetime Limited guarantee:
Acre Lifetime Limited Warranty