DEFY Solid Color Wood Stain is very versatile and can be used on horizontal and vertical surfaces as well as many types of surfaces.  A durable opaque water-based finish that provides a beautiful matte finish.  Fortified with transparent zinc nanoparticles giving your wood extreme UV protection blocking out the sun’s harmful rays.  DEFY Solid color wood stain can be used on treated lumber, cedar, cypress, mahogany, ipe and other natural wood surfaces.  An ideal solid stain for decks, wood siding, fences, outdoor furniture, gazebos and more.

Sold by the Gallon.  5-gallon containers available upon request.

Price: $51.99

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Additional Information

Choose from 7 different colors: White, Light Walnut, Taupe, Dark Walnut, Stone Gray, Barn Red, Dark Cocoa.

Ideal to be used between 45 to 95 degree weather.   Do not apply in direct sunlight.    It is recommended to clean deck with a wood cleaner prior to staining.  While deck is still wet from the wood cleaner, use DEFY wood brightener to neutralize the wood and restore the wood to it’s natural color prior to staining.  Allow  the wood to dry to the touch after cleaning and using wood brightener before staining. Never apply to wet or water saturated surfaces.

Two coats are recommended, allowing first coat to dry before applying second coat.   Clean-up with soap and water.

It is recommended to stain kiln-dried treated lumber immediately.  Wait 3 to 6 months for wet treated lumber to adequately dry prior to applying.