Fire-Retardant Interior CDX Plywood is chemically pressure-treated to reduce the spread of flames and generation of smoke.  In the event of a fire, this plywood will not spread fire and develops less smoke. Plywood can be either Flame-Pro brand or Pyroguard made by Hoover.  Plywood may be substituted for materials classified as non-combustible in certain building types designed by the model building codes.

This plywood will be either pine or fir. Graded CD, a sheathing grade, not an appearance grade plywood, that allows for knots and blemishes on both faces.   The treatment on this plywood is designed for interior application only and should not be in direct contact to the weather or moisture.  This plywood is sold in full 4×8 sheets only.

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Additional Information

This plywood can be painted or stained just as untreated wood, but flammability of the finish should be considered. Fire-Retardant interior plywood is in intended for interior use only and should be protected against direct moisture, precipitation or regular condensation. Plywood is low-corrosivity and low-hygroscopicity. Galvanized steel hardware is recommended, although the treatment does not increase the corrosion of bare steel. Ripping or cross-cutting plywood, drilling holes and light sanding is permissible. It is not necessary to field-treat cut ends to maintain the flames spread rating.

Available in stock:

1/2” (15/32) thickness – 60 sheets/unit

5/8” (19/32) thickness – 50 sheets/unit

3/4” (23/32) thickness – 40 sheets/unit

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