Improve the Life of your Treated Lumber project using OUTLAST Q8 Log Oil.  Where ever you cut your treated decking boards or treated lumber, be sure to coat or spray the cut ends with OUTLAST Q8 Log Oil.  Can also be used on non-treated lumber like doug fir, pine, cedar and redwood to lengthen the life of your outdoor project.  Also ideal for exterior wood siding.

This EPA registered wood preservative controls decay causing organisms, mold,  termites, and powder post beetles in wood.  Its a great water repellent, minimizing checks and splits.  This oil has a sheer light golden transparent color.  The solution soaks into the wood providing protection deep into the wood cell structure.

Apply this oil on raw unfinished wood at the beginning of your project.  Once dry, can apply exterior stain or primer and paint to your project.  Available in quarts and gallons.

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