Trowelpave by Technisoil is designed to repair potholes, level uneven asphalt areas and repair cracks.  Better for the environment as product is made with 95% recycled materials.  Just 3 simple steps to fix asphalt pavement.  Need a wheelbarrow, shovel and trowel to install.  Available in 20 lb pail and 40 lb pail containers.


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20lb pail will cover:

1′ square for 2″ thick
2′ square for 1″ thick
4′ square for 1/2″ thick
8′ square for 1/4″ thick


40lb pail will cover:

2′ square for 2″ thick
4′ square for 1″ thick
8′ square for 1/2″ thick
16′ square for 1/4″ thick