For Wooden Shutters in harsher climates or to just add more years to your shutter’s life, there are a few easy and economical things you can do.

Protecting the Wood:

Wooden shutters should always be primed and painted on all sides with an exterior grade product prior to installing. But before you prime and paint, put a coat of wood preservative on your wooden shutters. Wood Preservative needs to be put on un-primed, unpainted raw wood. Most Wood Preservative’s have a water repellent and fungicide included. This will protect the wood more and help prevent swelling, warping, mildew and rot. At our store, we recommend the Wolman Woodlife Classic Clear Preservative. It is recommended to do a dip treatment or brush on several coats prior to priming and painting. If brushing on, make sure to coat on all sides, paying extra attention to the joints and louvers. If your house is in a harsher weather environment or you would like more protection for your shutters, we recommend going with a below-ground Wood Preservative treatment, like Wolman Woodlife CopperCoat or Outlast Q8 Log Oil. Both of these Wood Preservatives have a treatment for below-ground conditions, giving more treatment against rot and decay. Regardless of the wood preservative you use, check the label to see what type of primer and paint can be applied over the preservative.

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Protecting the Joints:

Often times, wooden shutters fail at the joints. Adding a simple copper cap to the top of the shutter will help keep weather and moisture off the top of the shutter where the side stile joints are exposed. We recommend our Shutter Copper Cap product which is available from 12” to 22” wide and fits all shutters from 1” to 1-1/8” thick. This Copper Cap is shaped in a way that deflects rain and moisture away from the shutter top. The Shutter Copper Cap can be added to existing wooden shutters already primed and painted for extra protection.

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